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Fallen by Lauren Kate - Book Review

Fallen - Lauren Kate

Series: Fallen #1


Publication date: December 8, 2009


Genre(s): Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy



After a terrible accident with her boyfriend, Lucinda (Luce) Price is sent to a boarding school. Sword & Cross. But she is still haunted by the shadows of her past, the same shadows she saw when her boyfriend was killed in a fire. She tries to ignore them and live her life but that doesn't seem to be as easy as she thought.


Luce thinks that the people she meets at Sword & Cross are nothing like her and hands down crazy. But as the story continues she begins growing closer to certain people, like Ariane, Penn and Cam. But out of all the people she meets, one in particular can't seem to dissapear from her mind. Daniël Grigori. And even though he shows no interest towards Luce, her attraction to this certain hottie doesn't seem to fade away.

She is determined to find out every last thing about him. Even if it costs her her life.


And so as the story continues, and Luce keeps growing closer to Daniël, she gets more and more involved in the strangest adventures and she keeps finding out the darkest secrets about Daniël and the rest of her friends. Will their love story be endless, despite the complication. Or will it die, because of their love for eachother being impossible to keep.




Luce: Luce is a shy girl, who won't tell her opinion on someone to their face quickly. She is haunted by her past and scarred for life. But her love for Daniël is more powerful than anything 


Ariane: Ariane is one of my favorite characters in this book, because she reminds me a lot of a friend of mine. She's a weird yet funny girl who has been the sweetest to Luce from the moment she arrived. Ariane doesn't have a care in the world and goes with the flow. 


Penn: I love Penn! She helps Luce throughout the entire book and I adore her selflessness. She cares so much for people and is always friendly.


Cam: He is a nice guy who's not afraid to show his obvious attraction to Luce, he's crushing on her till the very last page, even though he can never compete to Daniël in Luce' eyes.


Daniël: Daniël is a mysterious and extremely handsome boy who keeps catching Luce' eye. And even though he keeps falling for Luce over and over, he shows no interest in the beginning. But as they grow closer, he dares to admit his feelings.


My opinion:

I loved this book! It kept me in its grip till the last few words. The mystery keeps the reader interested and this book won't bore you!

I love Young adult fantasy novels. And if you're the same and have these interests as well, this is the perect book for yoyu, but even if you're not a fan of this genre, this book will change your mind.

Make sure to go read it!