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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell - Book Review

Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell

Publication date: February 26, 2013


Genre(s): Young adult, Romance



From the moment Park first caught a glance of Eleanor, he knew he wouldn't like her. A chubby, redheaded, bad dressed loser, who was searching for a seat on the bus. No one let her sit down, but Park. But not very willingly. But not only Park wanted to avoid her at all costs, Eleanor wasn't fond of Park eather. She was scared of him. Just as she was scared of her stepdad, Richie. He was the reason Eleanor was sent to her aunt's house for a year. But now she's back home, unfortunately. Park was the only good thing in her life, even though he hated her and Eleanor hated him. At least that's what they believed


Their first affection happened, when Park caught Eleanor reading along with his comic books. He was annoyed at first, but still couldn't help himself from bringing comic books along for her to read. They started talking and their friendship was growing. Their feelings for eachother kept developing. But their love story wasn't without difficulties and certain complications.


Richie had no idea Eleanor and Park were involved in a loving way, and Eleanor wanted to keep it that way, because he didn't approve. But towards the end of the story, right when Eleanor and Park were fully commited to eachother. Richie finds the comic books, the cassette tapes and all the prove. He exploded and Eleanor was forced to leave. Will she? And will their love story continue the way it was? Or will they be forced to forget eachother?



Eleanor: Eleanor is a shy, chubby loser who wears man clothes and is the worst at compining clothing pieces. No wonder Park shows no interest at all. But she doesn't care in the beginning, she thinks he's a stupid Asian boy, anyway.


Park: Park is a boy who's friends with the cool kids, but he's still nothing like them. He's kinder, sweeter and not that fond of himself as they were.


Others like Richie and Tina: are just doi'g everything they can to kill their love, without success. 


My opinion:

I read this book in less than 48 hours, this book is almost impossible to put down, the story speaks to you and tells you to keep reading. It keeps the readers interested till the last page. Eleanor and Park are the cutest ever! And the story haunts you till weeks after reading! I for one, can't stop thinking about it!

I recommend this book for any Romance, cuteness loving person!